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Alan Bolton - Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

I was initiated into the Lodge of Perfection no. 8430 on 14th September 1999, becoming Master of that Lodge three times. The first time in 2006.

Exalted into Red Rose Chapter no.7600 on 4th October 2002, afterwards joining Kings Norton Chapter no.4001 and was 1st Principal of that Chapter in 2014.

Married to Jackie for 10 years, I have three grown up children from my previous marriage, and three grandchildren. I have enjoyed participating in sport all through life, playing rugby from the age of 11 to 43. Scuba diving, swimming, golf and hill walking amongst others. I have supported Birmingham City Football Club through life, probably explaining my worried expression at times!

Work wise, I am an industrial electrical/electronics engineer. Started my own business 35 years ago, and it still keeps me very busy.

I have a great love and passion for the Holy Royal Arch, and I am humbled and very proud to have been offered the position as Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.


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