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Another Friendly Friday

Social Get Together Friday 30/04/2021

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On Friday 30th April some 53 Companions joined the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent for another of our "Provincial Chats." Following the MEGS greeting everyone and congratulating those who had received Supreme Grand Chapter Appointments & Promotions, he posed two questions:                            a. The Companions views on recommencing our Masonic duties?,                   b.  The continued use of Zoom or other such platforms in the future.

The responses provided some interesting food for thought. Generally speaking in response to question a. the great majority felt that we needed to remain cautious and really wait until after 21st June when the government will provide definate guidelines on both the lifting and remaining levels that may change within the current lockdown system. With question b. the general consensus is that Virtual Media has been an excellent innovation and has greatly assisted us retaining high levels of communication with the membership and that for the future Officers Meetings may well be held using this method rather than having to travel to a Masonic Hall.

Following this very interesting period of conversation we were then once again exposed to the infamous MEGS Quiz, which he again won hands down. We then toasted Absent Companions and the MEGS, in concluding the meeting underlined that at our next Friday Social Get Together on 28th May we will have the pleasure of a talk on "Bristol Freemasonry" from W. Bro. Tony Baker, a well known and impressive masonic lecturer.