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MEGS, Claire and Roger West

Personal Visit 18/10/2022

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On Tuesday 18th October 2022, our Most ExcellentGrand Superintendent, John M Phenix and the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Michael D Cox, had the pleasure of visiting E.Comp. C Roger West – our Third Provincial Grand Principal in 2011 – at his home in Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

They spent a very pleasant hour and a half with Roger and his lovely wife, Claire, reminiscing over the many happy times spent together in our Province prior to their move up North six and a half years ago. They were pleased to show our Principal Officers a family photograph with their son and daughter, plus grandchildren, all of whom live within half an hour of them. It was particularly pleasing to see the card they had received, from and signed by our late Queen Elizabeth II, in January 2022, congratulating them on their 60th Wedding Anniversary!

Roger sends his best wishesto all his old friends in Worcestershire.