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St Edburgha Chapter C4621

Regular Convocation 01/04/2023 

The 312th Regular Convocation of the Chapter will be held at Freemasons Hall, on Saturday 1st April 2023.

The main item of Business is to receive the New Revised Mystical Lecture presented by E. Comp. S.J. Rickard, E.Comp. R. Morris and E. Comp. R.A. Rowbury, The Manner of Sharing the Sacred Name by E.Comp. M.D. Cox , PGSwdB, Deputy Provincial Grand Superintendent. this will be followed by a presentation entitled “The Grand Lodges of England” by E Comp G. Leech,PPGSwdB.

As a Chapter operating on a Saturday they would welcome Visitors to join them for their meetings, especially thiose who find it difficult to visit during the weekday evenings. Please contact Scribe E