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White Ensign Chapter C9169

September 2019 Convocation


On Tuesday 3rd September the Chapter held their Regular Convocation at the Masonic Hall, Redditch.

Originally it had been planned to conduct a Perfection but the Candidate withdrew at the last minute so alternative arrangements had to be made, and what a great success they turned out to be.

At the Chapter's invitation the Third Provincial Grand Principal, E. Comp. Barry Griffin, PGStB, was requested, and delivered, an excellent lecture describing in detail the prescribed Mystical Lecture. There can be no doubt that everyone in the room made not just a daily advancement, but a leap, in their knowledge of our Supreme Order and gained a far better understanding of what the Signs and the Lecture actually mean.

On completion of the Convocation the Companions retired to a first class Festive Board held within the usual nautical environment.

The next Convocation on the 1st Tuesday in December will be the Chapters Installation and they look forward to as many Visitors as may wish to provide their support.