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    The Provincial Grand Chapter of Worcestershire

    Who we are

    At the completion of the third degree ceremony in the Craft, you were informed that the genuine secrets of a Master Mason were lost and it is in the Holy Royal Arch where they can be discovered. The Holy Royal Arch really does complete your journey in Pure Ancient Freemasonry. Thus has been established the very close connection between Craft Masonry and the Holy Royal Arch and nowhere is that connection stronger than that which exists in the Province of Worcestershire.

    What we do

    The Provincial Grand Chapter of Worcestershire is the administrative body for all the 'Holy Royal Arch' Freemasons in Worcestershire

    Based in Bromsgrove, 'the Province' is staffed largely by volunteers and carries out all the administrative work required to enable nearly 900 individuals across 38 Chapters in Worcestershire to enjoy their Royal Arch freemasonry!

    About this website

    This web site is intended to serve several purposes, all of which depend on efficient communication and a sensitivity to the needs of the members and the community.

    • To assist Freemasons outside the Province to be informed about our activities, encourage them to maintain contact.

    • To act as a portal to official sources of information about a wide range of Masonic interests.

    • To provide a window to Freemasonry for the local community.

    • To help members who are unable to regularly attend meetings to keep in touch.

    • To support local members and our contacts globally by keeping them in touch with events and significant dates.

    • To support the work of officers and event organisers in our Chapters..

    • To encourage new members by offering an open and informed view of Freemasonry both globally and in the local community.

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