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Wigornia Chapter hosts a team of Provincial Acting Officers

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One of the MEGS' principal initiatives has been to improve the Companions' understanding of the Royal Arch ritual through education and training.

To this end we have pursued a number of projects as a Province including the 'Royal Arch Commentary', the 'Commentary of the Ceremony of Exaltation' and most recently 'Talking Heads'.

For the last 3 years we have added to the mix the Provincial Chapter of Instruction .

On the 29 November 2018 at Wigornia Chapter, Kings Heath, the current and past officers of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Worcestershire demonstrated the Ceremony of Exaltation performed in the Worcestershire Way.

"It was great fun sitting alongside E.Comp. Ian Fothergill as he delivered such a wonderful demonstration of the MEZ’s work." - E Comp John Crowther

E Comp Tim Jones, the Provincial Director of Ceremonies, acted as narrator with the aim of helping Royal Arch Companions gain a greater understanding of this Ceremony and in particular the parts of the ritual which are unique to the Province of Worcestershire.

Two Provincial Past Third Principals - E Comps Ian Fothergill and John Crowther - and and a past Deputy DC - E Comp Steve Middleditch - occupied the Principals' Chairs and they conducted the ceremony in an exemplary and impressive manner.

The Sojourners were Acting Officers of the Year - Ex Comps Mike Dykes, Duncan Harper and Martin Creighan - all of whom shared the work in the manner encouraged by our MEGS (and all of whom were outstanding too!).

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The three Principals with the MEGS, E Comp Colin P. T. Brown, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp A John Yeates, the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal E Comp Revd Justin T. Parker and the Deputy Grand Superintendent E Comp John M. Phenix.

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The three Principals with E Comps john Crowther, Ian Fothergill and Steve Middleditch

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The members of the Wigornia Chapter with the Provincial Team