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Final Meetings 2022 & First 2023


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Companions all Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat ( and so am I – note to self, cut down on the mince pies ) Anyway ….what is on offer for you before we wait for Santa …. 

  1. Arter Chapter - 14 December – this will be their penultimate meeting before they hand back their warrant in February
  2. Stechford Chapter - 15th December - a presentation on the Temple and the Vault
  3. Remembrance Chapter - 19th December - a special Christmas meeting with the Ladies in attendance where you need to be prepared to sing your hearts out.
  4. Vernon Chapter - 20th January - the Provincial Team will be delivering the commentary on the "Ceremony of Exaltation" - please seek to support this, especially those Chapters who have newly Exalted Companions.
  5. Please contact the relevant Scribe E's to Book in.